Freaky Fish Friday: top ten ugliest fish?

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Disclaimer: if you can’t sleep tonight, it’s not our fault. ;)

OK, we may not agree with #2, but the species spokesfish for this video was kind of…ugly.

The good news? You are having a better hair and skin day than all of them!

Check out this freaky fish fest and tell us which one gets your vote.


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I must just be weird cause for me that was a beauty contest!
Sure they are strange looking but not ugly!
Seriously the Gulper eel? Stunning! A 10!

Actually…we agree! The Gulper is now Alexa’s second fave to the Angler.

Now back to “eewing.” ;)

~Cindy and Alexa

Though I’m not sure if winning an “ugliest fish” contest is a good thing, I still like it when my elasmobranchs win something… so I’ll vote for the Chimaera.

I’m going with the Angler on this top ten. Although I did watch another one of the videos and there are some pretty eeww ones on there too. Are all of these deep water? How far down? And is that why their eyes are sooo large? Kain asked me that.

The stone fish isnt that ugly.

True, the stonefish didn’t make number one! ;) ~Alexa

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