Freaky Fish Friday: the Goblin Shark

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Hello, O4E readers! It’s not Halloween, but it IS time again for freaky fish. This our first Freaky Fish Friday in more than half a year, so we want to warm things up for 2010. Are you ready?

Today’s du jour is (drumroll, please)…the GOBLIN SHARK! This is one incredible creature that definitely does NOT like the limelight. Let’s jam it up with some important facts about this amazingly freaky shark (in your face, JAWS!):

  • This shark is a deep water-dwelling shark, often found out and about at night at the bottom of an abyss – usually around 900 feet to as far down as 4100+ feet. Rarely ever is one spotted in shallow waters.
  • The biggest one found to-date was about 12.5 feet long and 463 pounds.
  • The Goblin shark has been found off the coast of Guyana (Atlantic) as well as off the coasts of Japan, Austrailia and New Zealand (Pacific), in the Indian ocean and even off the California coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Few Goblin sharks have ever been caught, making a sighting, much less an encounter, a rare event.

But here is the rare event - a video featuring an up-close encounter with a Goblin shark. I know it’s in Japanese, but don’t worry if you don’t understand it – you won’t want to miss these chompers in action (in your face again, JAWS)! What do you think?

Have a great weekend!


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hi alexa it’s me payton from the bus and mr glass’s class even if it is a little to late i am typing this on Apirl 10, 2010 and just wanted to tell you hi and see you monday at school

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