Gigantic Oil Spill Leaking Thousands of Gallons of Oil a Day into the Gulf of Mexico

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The news is bad for the Gulf Coast, and it just keeps getting worse.

On April 20th, an explosion at the Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig, located in the Gulf of Mexico, created an oil leak that is dumping oil into the ocean at a rate five times worse than was originally reported.

As if 1,000 gallons of oil pouring into the gulf a day wasn’t bad enough, it’s now estimated that 5,000 gallons are seeping into the ocean per day, and will take three months to clean up.

It happened about 50 miles from the coast of Louisiana, and left 11 people dead. The oil rig itself has since sunk. And in the last few days, a second leak – and as of Wednesday, a third leak – have also sprung.

Here’s a map , courtesy of the New York Times, of what the oil spill could do to wildlife in the areas it reaches – it is expected to affect many species of sea birds, including some of our favorites that we’ve had the extreme pleasure to play among along both Florida coasts in the last month – including sea turtles, brown pelicans, bluefin tuna, mottled ducks and reddish egrets.

This spill is a tragedy, one that may have an impact on what President Obama does in the future about off-shore oil drilling.

Below is a video overview of the explosion and its aftermath, and how emergency workers are trying to contain it. What have you learned about the spill and what do you think the President and lawmakers should do, going forward, about drilling for oil out in the ocean?

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