Oceana’s Ocean Heroes Award 2010 – vote for your hero now!

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It’s time to cast your vote!

Oceana, the world’s largest ocean protection and restoration environmental agency, is once again holding voting for its Ocean Heroes award, which it started in 2009.

And now you can cast your vote for your favorite adult AND kid ocean hero right here, right now.

There are some amazing people and groups out there, acting for our oceans future every day. Honor them and get behind them with your vote!

First, watch this video (tip: can you spot Casey Sokolovic,the girl who helps save sea turtles?)

Now, head on over to THE BEACON – Oceana’s blog, which you can also find on our friends blog roll at  right, and read all about each finalist for the award.

It’s going to be tough to choose, we’re warning you, but…

 get over there and vote!

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