Freaky Fish Friday – all-star edition, part one, and a little contest!

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Hey, Ocean Lovers!

Whew, today might be the FREAKIEST Fish Friday yet.  That is…until next week. ;-)

We’ve done Top Ten Ugliest,  but we haven’t rocked out while freaking out to a lineup like this, ever.

Check it out:

Got the shivers yet?

Want to know more about these awesomely freaky wonders of nature?

We do, too.


  • Comment below and tell us your fave freaky ocean creature from this video, and if you are the first to claim it, we’ll give YOU the opportunity to write your own guest blog post all about it on an upcoming Freaky Fish Friday! It’s fun, and we’ll help you as much or as little as you like! (Kids: get parental permission first, please!)

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Hi Casey! Great choice!!!

The Freakiest fish is the VIPER FISH!!!

That’s a really good choice, Alex! Can’t wait for your FFF post on the Viper fish! ~Alexa

The SCAREST fish on FFF is the ice fish

And another fish is the giant sea spider ~ they scare that crap out of mee!!!!!!!!!! ~ Vicky

Ok, Vicky, YOU get to freak us all out with a post on the the Giant Sea Spider! ~Alexa

and one more the triped fish is one of the koolest ones to

Hi Vicky,

Sure did see your ice fish comment – Casey grabbed that one yesterday, so we will let you amaze us with sea spider facts and pics! Maybe someone has caught one on video, too. Check Youtube! ~Cindy

I love the flounder

That’s a good choice! When I first saw the flounder, I flipped out at how weird-looking it is. Now, you get to freak everyone else out with a post on the flounder. ~Alexa

I’ll do ratfish, because I have a personal connection to them!

Hi Allie! Great! By the way, what IS your connection to the ratfish? ~Alexa

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