World Oceans Day is just 21 days away: pick your favorite sea creature, then protect it.

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Happy Monday, Ocean Lovers!

That’s right, World Oceans Day  2010 is just three weeks from tomorrow – June 8th, 2010.

It’s the second-annual event celebrating all things ocean, and this year, it also marks what would be the 100th birthday of famed ocean explore Jacques Cousteau.

Each WOD has a theme, and this year it’s “Oceans of Life.” The Ocean Project, who sponsors the day, would like to encourage everyone to pick a favorite sea animal, and then act to protect it.

Pick your favorite * Protect your favorite” may be a hard thing to do – there are so many amazing creatures in the ocean – but we here at O4E can help you out a bit. Take a look around the blog, and discover some of the unbelievably cool - but realistically fragile creatures that live in our oceans.

With all the pollutants and man-made disasters befalling them constantly, these creatures need our help if they are to survive in their own habitat into future generations.

  • Over the next three weeks, O4E is having a contest with itself to spotlight 21 ocean creatures  with complete bios and important info, and show you ways you can help them now, from wherever you live.

We’re calling it Pick/Protect 21 for Oceans. Forever.

Can we do it?

It’s kind of crazy. It means two posts a day, because we have lots of other ocean posts on our calendar.

Can you handle it?

Bet you can!

And we’d love your help!

If you know of a sea creature that needs protecting and a charitable organization to give to, a way to change your lifestyle, or any other way to help protect it, comment here or on future Pick/Protect 21 posts!

More on WOD and what’s going on globally for the celebration in upcoming posts.

Right now, we have to get busy, so splash you later.

Ready, set, go!


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A great idea and a perfect challenge! And there are plenty of ocean creatures that are in need of a helping hand.

Looking forward to your 21.

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