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Pick/Protect 21, Day 20 comes to you with something Alexa is very passionate about.

One who is just getting to know the perils that exist for ocean life might think that sharks have very few, if any, predators.

After all, their the Terminators of the deep, right?

Wrong. (And in more ways than one; we’ll address threats now, and bad wraps soon.)

Sharks are hunted in a horrific way by their top predator – man - for their fins. Why?

Shark-fin Soup. 

Shark fins have no actual taste contribution to the above. It’s the gel-like consistency that makes shark fins prized as a soup base.

It’s a delicacy in many Asian restaurants, and can cost up to $100 a bowl.

No, this is not a joke. And it’s putting sharks in grave danger. Here’s a list of U.S. restaurants that are known to sell shark-fin soup.

Check out the PSA video by Wild Aid, starring basketball star Yao Ming (warning, a brief display of a finless shark might not agree with the very young):

What can you do to help stop it? Aside from not eating it, you can first forward this post to everyone you know.

You can also:

  • Support organizations that are working to stop shark finning, like the Humane Society International, Sea Shepherd, and Wild Aid.
  • Educate yourself and people around you about sharks – both the danger to them in the finning industry, and the false reputation they get in the media for being ravenous, man-seeking killing machines. This is simply wrong, and needs to be changed.
  • And the obvious: never, ever eat shark-fin soup or support any eating establishment who does.

We’re brief on this post because next month, O4E is taking a week-long look at sharks in our Summer Sharktakular, hosted by a very special and respected guest-expert on sharks. :-)

Spread the word, shark finning is wrong and must be stopped NOW!

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Also, check out the CBS story on shark finning: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/03/16/tech/main6304282.shtml and also visit http://stopsharkfinning.net for more ways to help!

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