Freaky Fish Friday: the Ocean Sunfish

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Hey, Ocean Lovers!

Today’s FFF is on the Ocean Sunfish, also called the Mola Mola (our favorite name for it).

You might not call this fish freaky, but its shape is the most unusual fish-like shape of any fish I’ve ever seen. Here are some quick facts about the Ocean Sunfish:

  • Mola Mola is the most commonly seen Ocean Sunfish, and is called the Common or round-tailed Mola. Other varieties include Masturus lanceolatus (sharp-tailed Mola) and Ranzania leavis (slender Mola).
  • Its “Ocean Sunfish” name comes from its tendency to “lie” atop the waves and appear to be sunbathing.
  • It has sandpaper-like skin and is opalescent silver color.
  • It’s the heaviest of all bony fish, weighing about one ton when fully grown, and it’s the biggest jelly-muncher in the ocean (see next fact).
  • Mola Mola eat a variety of foods, but frenquently dine on jellyfish, Portugese man o-war and even squid.
  • There’s an official site to go to here to check out a map of Mola sightings, read research, get more facts and even adopt an Ocean Sunfish for yourself!

You can check them out in this video:

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!


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