Freaky Fish Friday: the Icefish

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Today’s freakiness brings you closer to one of the past stars of this video, brought to you by a very special guest.

Casey Sokolovic, our friend and singular sea turtle champion (get the scoop on Casey and her efforts here), has the lowdown on this amazing and perplexing creepy fish.


image: Wikimedia Commons

Are You Ready to Dive In?

The Icefish can survive sub-zero water temperatures due to a special antifreeze glycoprotein in its blood and body fluids. Can you imagine freezing all the time?

If you’d like to give this fish the cold shoulder, then head to the continental shelf waters surrounding Antarctica.

What baffles the scientists about these “cold-blooded” fish? They can’t figure out how the Icefish can live at both ends of the earth – which are separated by thousands of miles of warm waters.

Icefish have been found in the Arctic as well as the Antartic and new species are still being found.

I’ll never see one of these fish, as their natural habitat is WAY too cold for me!


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hi alexa – it has almost been a week since school ended and i am so sorry that i did not post a comment lately i have been at my grandma’s.

Hi, Payton, glad you’re back, we want you to be here on O4E! Hope you’re having a great beginning of summer. ~Alexa

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