National Geographic premiers “Expedition Great White” shark adventure series Sunday, June 6

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It’s the largest predatory fish on earth.

Reaching up to 20 feet long, weighing up to 6,000 pounds, sporting serrated teeth and an ability to smell blood in the water up to three miles away, the Great White shark is




It’s also an extremely important part of the ocean’s ecosystem, and, as you might guess, a bit tough to get close to.

Head out with an elite team of shark scientists and sports fisherman as they pilot a specially-equipped research boat on the high seas to find, tag and release this magnificent creature so they can track, research and unlock the mysteries of the Great White.

This Sunday, 9PM Eastern/Pacific time, on the NatGEO Channel (and Sundays all summer @ 10PM Eastern/Pacific).

Check out this preview of episode one (and trust us, we’ve seen it – you don’t want to miss this adventure!), then find your local listings and tune in!

There’s more: NatGeo is giving away a trip to San Diego that includes a one-day excursion at sea with the crew of Expedition Great White. Contest starts on Sunday and you can enter here.

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i would love to win this contest and get up close to these monsters they have to be one of the most fabulous creatures in the whole world

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