The Great Bake for Oceans’ Sake

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Happy Friday, Ocean Lovers!

We’ve been planning. We’ve been baking. We’ve been…sampling.  A lot.

And so, without further adeux, we’d like to announce a culinary – and ocean conservation – event like no other, a partnership with our friend Casey Sokolovic of L.A.S.T. (Love a Sea Turtle).

Image: Heather Garland

Wait for it…

The Great Bake for Oceans’ Sake is here. Super-surprised by the name? ;)  We thought you would be.

We’re putting on our aprons, weilding our rolling pins, and rolling out a coast-to-coast, simultaneous bake sale on July 9th, National Sugar Cookie Day, to raise money for the Gulf marine life affected by the oil spill.

And we want YOU to join us! Get your family and friends, your Girl Scout troop, your church or office, bake up some ocean-inspired sugar cookies and/or other baked goods, and host a bake sale. OR, head out around your area and encourage your favorite restaurant or bakery to participate by baking and selling said confections and donating proceeds.

July 9, National Sugar Cookie Day, is the official kick-off and we’re baking through the month of July. Hold a BAKE when you can, and make sure you visit the BAKE website and register your BAKE or area eatery’s cookie sale. We’ll also hook you up with the best sugar cookie recipe, ever, a complete tool kit with printable fliers, a donation form, and tips for holding and getting the word out about your own BAKE – and of course, we’ll have BAKE swag for sale in the Bake Shop.

BAKE sale proceeds will go to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies – More on all to be posted this weekend, so keep checking back!


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Okay…who would not buy cookies from those faces? Too cute!!

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