Alexa’s .02 on Shark Conservation

Filed Under (Sharks, Summer Sharktakular 2010, conservation) by Alexa & Cindy on 19-07-2010

As promised, Alexa has a message for O4E readers containing her sentiments – and a few facts she just happens to know – about what’s going on with sharks today and what should be going on instead.

Check out her video, and let us know YOUR thoughts on shark conservation!

And by the way: you might want to pay close attention to the blog tomorrow, Tuesday, the 19th, which could mean our first SHARKTAKULAR contest is fixin’ to start! ;-)

(You won’t want to miss a thing, anyway, as David Shiffman gets started on his three-part series in the morning.)

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Thanks for teaching me about sharks, Alexa. I didn’t know any of this. Great job!

And I laughed out loud at your last comment, and Liv wondered what was so funny. (My mind never goes blank, ever, ever. Ha!)

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