Summer Sharktakular!

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Good Monday morning, Ocean Lovers!

We’ve been waiting to bring you this for weeks, and are excited that day one of O4E’s Summer Sharktakular 2010 - our shark-week-done-right – is finally here.

All week, we’re delving into the mysterious, wonderous and perilous world of sharks – so get ready to learn something you don’t already know, and share something you do about these great creatures who are now facing great danger, and need our help.

Wait. Help – the most-feared predator of the ocean needs help from we humans? Are sharks in some kind of trouble?

Indeed they are, and WE are a big part of the problem. We have to solve it. We’ll show you why.

Marine biologist and science blogger David Shiffman

This Tour de Shark (superorder: Selachimorpha) is hosted by none other than David “Why Sharks Matter” Shiffman, marine biologist, shark conservationist and science blogger over at Southern Fried Science.

David will bring us a three-part series on shark conservation that kicks off tomorrow with THE PROBLEM – a look at what sharks, the “big dogs” of the ocean, are facing in their habitat today that threatens their lives and the future of their species.

But that’s just the beginning. With the help of some amazing guest-bloggers from around the world, we’ll celebrate and examine the lives of sharks through humor (with Australian shark cartoonist and surfer Phil Watson), movies (with underwater/wildlife filmmaker Richard Theiss), fiction (with NY Times bestselling author Steve Alten) and tons more.

And what shark conservation week would be complete without the goodies? That means CONTESTS!

Yes, they’re going all week, here on O4E, with David on Twitter - who will tweet shark trivia contests all week, with questions getting harder and prizes getting bigger each day. Follow him and look for each contest’s announcement – one hour prior to the question – and be the first to tweet your answer to win! He’s already begun, so follow him now for your chance at some great swag – and stay glued to O4E for pop-up contests all week.

And of course, Alexa has to have her two cents on sharks – their situation is one of her biggest ocean conservation interests, which is why she created the Sharktakular. This was all her idea – and she’s up next with her thoughts.

Thanks for coming along on this toothy, streamlined ride with us…

it’s going to be Sharktastic!

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Ahhh, you couldn’t have picked a better topic! Love those sharks!

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