You’re never too young – kids caring about sharks, part one

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You’re never too young to start caring about sharks.

We’d like to introduce you to Alexa’s cousin,  Avery Jean. She’s four, and is learning about the ocean in her preschool class. She made a poster for Sharktakular to express her feelings.

“I love all ocean animals, and sharks bring balance to aquatic life,” Avery say. ”They’re very important and I don’t want them to die.”

Her poster reads “I love sharks. Don’t FINish them.”

We sense a deputy O4E editor is now being groomed! ;-)

Just goes to show you, you’re never too young to start caring about – and helping – sharks. We’ll have more on the latter in part two with a guest post by Robin Culler, teacher and captain of Oceana’s 2010 Junior Ocean Hero winners, The Shark Finatics

Have a SHARKTAKULAR evening!

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Go Avery! Love the poster. Phil W

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