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 What would a Sharktakular be without a MEGALODON lurking around?

Today, we hear from NY Times best-selling science fiction author Steve Alten, who penned the wildly successful MEG series, starring a giant prehistoric shark called a Megalodon. His thoughts need no paraphrasing:

As the author of the MEG series, centered around Carcharodon megalodon, I am often asked how I came to write the first novel. As a teen, I loved reading about shark attack stories and found there was always a blurb about the Great White shark’s monstrous cousin. In each of the four MEG novels, I try to weave ocean science into the story.

With only about 5% of the oceans having been explored, and less than 1% of the abyss, much of what lies below the surface remains a mystery. What we do know, however, is that, if our species is to survive we must protect our oceans and its inhabitants…especially the sharks.

Sharks serve an important role in the oceans’ ecology, and Megdalon aside, most have no interest in humans.

Sadly, each year, industry butchers sharks by the tens of thousands, slicing off their fins for shark fin soup, then tossing the wounded fish back into the sea to die. Yes, the world has bigger problems to deal with, but protecting the shark population is a positive step in protecting our own future.

What better way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Jaws than to take a stance against this senseless killing.

~Steve Alten


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I love the Meg series! It inspired my longtime AOL Instant Messenger screenname.

I think my favorite book is “Hell’s Aquarium”. There’s an awesome character named David Shiffman, who is a shark biologist and submersible pilot.

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