We hope you enjoy Oceans 4Ever, where we blog on happenings/facts/issues/events/ways to positively contribute to the future of the world’s oceans and the creatures it supports. From Freaky Fish Fridays to in-depth conservation issues, we aim to entertain, educate and connect with the ocean-loving community and recruit new members along the way.

Kids, teachers, parents, everyone -join us and talk to us! We are always listening, and the time is NOW for everyone to think about ocean conservation, no matter where you live.

alexabio180This is Alexa, founder of Oceans 4Ever. Alexa is ten and an ocean lover, budding writer and ocean conservationist. She can spot a Blunt-nose Sixgill a mile away, and don’t even try to go head-to-head with her on whales, sharks, seahorses or kinds of coral.

She fishes trash out of lakes by her home in Indiana, and makes tiny “Respect the Sea” signs and tapes them to the pencils in her desk at school.

Alexa says her goal with this blog is “to get everyone interested and involved in loving and saving the ocean every day.”

Her mom, Cindy, is a national magazine journalist and is pretty good at taking direction from her daughter.

You can also read a little more about us by checking out our Q&A on Oceana.org’s Beacon blog.


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