My Thoughts on President Obama’s Oil Spill Speech

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I watched President Obama’s speech from the Oval Office tonight, with my family.

It brought up a lot of anger and sadness in me on one hand.  I was thinking of what my new ocean friend Skylar said about BP, “what is wrong with them people!?”

And I started to think about all of the things he said we’re doing to stop the oil: first, it doesn’t seem like enough things to me.

Second, it’s 2 months 2 late. Too late for the ocean and its wildlife, too late for the coast’s residents who make their living off of the ocean.

The president says we need to end our oil addiction. And my family and I agree.

On the second hand,  as I watched the speech, I kept wondering, HOW do we do this soon enough? And WHEN do we need to have it done by? To me, it seems that oil is in (almost) everything.

I would like to hear from all of my readers: tell me what YOUR ideas are – long comment or short, let me know what you thought about the president’s speech, and what you think we should do about all the oil we use in our lives.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


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National Geographic Special on Gulf Oil Spill Airs Thursday, 10PM EDT

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Kids, have your parents set the TiVo for this one, if you want to see what happened to the Deep Water Horizon oil rig as it exploded.

It looks like it will prove to be THE show to watch on the spill and its ever-growing aftermath, including some never-before-seen footage filmed by the salvage crew as they tried to get close to the burning oil rig , which exploded in the Gulf of Mexico April 20th.

The NatGEO film crew happened to be shooting at the time the rig exploded, as well, so the special includes their behind-the-scenes footage.

Gulf Oil Spill airs Thursday night on NatGEO, 10 PM ET/PT.

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Dawn® Dishsoap donating $1 per bottle to help oil spill-affected wildlife

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Proctor & Gamble’s Dawn®  Dishsoap has been helping wildlife for 30 years. And by now, you’ve no-doubt heard about how it’s being used on the gulf spill-affected wildlife. Turns out, they’ve been running this oil spill recovery donation program since July, 2009, so this is not new.

But it’s timely:

Everyone uses dishsoap. It’s an easy way to help wildlife affected by the gulf oil spill. Buy Dawn Dishsoap and you can contribute $1 of your purchase to help save oiled wildlife. Dawn is contributing up to $500,000 by September 30th, 2010.

Once you buy a bottle, save your receipt and activate your contribution online here. You can even keep track of how much money has been donated and by state here.

And did you think we’d leave this post without some pure and clean CUTENESS?

If you haven’t seen the DAWN bottles,  or this video, they’ll both melt your heart.

Try and resist this:

Have a great day, everyone.

~Alexa and Cindy

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