National Geographic Special on Gulf Oil Spill Airs Thursday, 10PM EDT

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Kids, have your parents set the TiVo for this one, if you want to see what happened to the Deep Water Horizon oil rig as it exploded.

It looks like it will prove to be THE show to watch on the spill and its ever-growing aftermath, including some never-before-seen footage filmed by the salvage crew as they tried to get close to the burning oil rig , which exploded in the Gulf of Mexico April 20th.

The NatGEO film crew happened to be shooting at the time the rig exploded, as well, so the special includes their behind-the-scenes footage.

Gulf Oil Spill airs Thursday night on NatGEO, 10 PM ET/PT.

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PBS’ Ocean Adventures series premiers “Sea Ghosts” tomorrow night, April 8th

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They’re nicknamed “Sea Canaries,” and they live in waters so cold, it’s amazing that anything can survive.

Their name is Russian for “white one.”

We’ve seen members of their species up-close in captivity, where they splashed and seemingly posed, smiling from the water, for Alexa’s camera.

These are the Beluga whales of Cook Inlet, Alaska, and in this, their natural habitat, they were added to the endangered species list last October.

Are the Belugas being threatened by climate change like species everywhere are, or are they themselves an indicator of climate change that’s happening now?

Dr. Tracy Romano, senior vice president of research and zoological operations at Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration, is working to find answers to these questions through research highlighted in “Sea Ghosts”, part of the Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures series, which airs tomorrow night at 8 p.m. eastern on PBS (check your local listings).

Tune in or set your DVR. Here’s a sneak-peek:

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“Into the Abyss” National Geographic special March 14th

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Our awe over the majestic Kingdom of the Blue Whale isn’t even on the wane yet and here comes Nat Geo Channel right back, bringing it all abyssover again with a one-two punch of Into the Abyss this Saturday night , March 14th, at 9 p.m. eastern, followed by a repeat helping of Blue bliss Sunday afternoon, 1 p.m. eastern. (Check your local listings.)

Travel to a creature-rich area in the Celebes Sea that surrounds the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, and which contains some of the widest variety of sea life of any ocean in the world.

But NG’s explorers aren’t content to swim around in the sunny, shallow waters counting fish. They must go deeper – 20,000 feet deeper, to be exact – into a deep, dark mystery they call an abyss.

If you dare, tag along as these explorers dive down, down, down in a first-ever attempt to find even more cool ocean creatures – and of course, a few surprises – and tons of WOW.

Who are you gonna watch with, and why?

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