My Thoughts on President Obama’s Oil Spill Speech

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I watched President Obama’s speech from the Oval Office tonight, with my family.

It brought up a lot of anger and sadness in me on one hand.  I was thinking of what my new ocean friend Skylar said about BP, “what is wrong with them people!?”

And I started to think about all of the things he said we’re doing to stop the oil: first, it doesn’t seem like enough things to me.

Second, it’s 2 months 2 late. Too late for the ocean and its wildlife, too late for the coast’s residents who make their living off of the ocean.

The president says we need to end our oil addiction. And my family and I agree.

On the second hand,  as I watched the speech, I kept wondering, HOW do we do this soon enough? And WHEN do we need to have it done by? To me, it seems that oil is in (almost) everything.

I would like to hear from all of my readers: tell me what YOUR ideas are – long comment or short, let me know what you thought about the president’s speech, and what you think we should do about all the oil we use in our lives.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


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Make a Difference Monday, starring..YOU!

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Happy Monday, Ocean Lovers,

Today, you have the chance to Make a Difference on Monday.

First, watch this video about offshore oil drilling, then tell us – do YOU think it’s OK, or not?


While we have created lots of ways to drill for and collect oil, we are not good enough at keeping it from spilling and harming our oceans and their ecosystems.

We would like to ask you to make a difference for the future of our oceans -

 sign’s petition to end offshore drilling for oil, and tell President Obama and U.S. Senators that you want the United States to find a better way to power our future than OIL.

We, along with the 400+ species of wildlife which are in danger from this spill, thank you.


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How Should We Handle Marine Mammal Education? Here’s your chance to weigh in.

Filed Under (Policies and Issues, conservation) by Alexa & Cindy on 04-05-2010

Thanks to our Facebook friends Oceanic Defense for this one. While we won’t comment here one way or the other, but we want you to know that you have an opportunity to tell lawmakers your views on keeping ocean animals in captivity and putting them on display for the purposes of education and conservation.

The House Committe on Natural Resources is hearing your comments on this issue right now until Friday, May 7th. You can email [email protected] or fax a letter to (202) 225-1542.

You can also check out the proceedings on video over at C-SPAN.

Comment here, too, and let us know what you think – is it a good thing, so  that we can all see learn about ocean creatures and how to help them and their habitat survive, especially if we don’t live near an ocean and can’t otherwise get to know these animals? Or, is it harmful to their survival as species?

Splash us YOUR opinions.

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