World Seaturtle Day

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Happy World Seaturtle Day from O4E!

We could draft a novel on seaturtles, but we think our friend Allie over at Oh, for the Love of Science! does it up right today, so we’re going to serve you something fun and let her take it from there.

First, check out Alexa’s footage of this gorgeous green gal from our Aquarium Road Trip #2, then head on over for the best-condensed dose of seaturtle conservation information on the web today right here at OH!

Stay tuned for more from our Aquarium Road Trip to Chicago for the grand opening of the Shedd’s ($50M) Oceanarium!

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We hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

Last week was spring break for the O4E family, and though we technically took a land-locked vacation, there was no shortage of ocean in our travels (more details later this week)!
First, here’s Alexa in Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system in the world (367 miles and counting) in Edmonson, Kentucky.

She knew there was probably no chance of finding marine life down in the cave, as we were not allowed to visit the cave’s river on our tour.

She was happy anyway – even though she was forced to wear her coat over a bulky sweatshirt in the year-round 54F depths, sometimes as far down as 300 feet – as caves are sweet, and there’s candle graffiti from 100++ years ago on the walls and ceilings (even though we wish there wasn’t).

She descended the “Steps of Time” backward and added at least 9 days to her life. She was also relieved to make it through “Fat Man’s Misery,” an extremely narrow passageway on our two-mile underground journey, without getting stuck (she was really worried about that). ;)

But hold on! It’s her eagle-eye dad who saves the day when he spots a fish, high above us, nestled in the rocks of the cave wall. Can you see it? We’re helping you out a bit.

It’s a stonefish of another sort. We stared at him a long time, but could not make an I.D.

What species would you say he is?

cavestonefish4253We all thought some kind of baby shark.

Speaking of which, know what is imbedded in the cave’s walls? Shark teeth. What does that tell you about what the cave once was? Very old. Very cool.

Stay tuned, as this train moves on from caves to…well, we’ll just show you, coming up.

Make a Difference Monday will return next week, and in the meantime, we’re putting on our webbed feet and donning black-and-white, because LOVE is in the air. At least where we went, it was!

Splash you tomorrow!

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