Trash Talkin’ from Lake to Ocean

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This past Sunday, June 27th, we embarked on a trash finding and collecting mission around our lake, as part of a project we did with fellow ocean blogger Sara Bayles of The Daily Ocean.

We really had no idea how much trash was hiding in plain sight.

More on that in a minute.

First, we have to thank Sara, whose year-or-so long experiment to collect trash on 365 non-consecutive days for 20 minutes each time, weigh it, analyze it and blog it, has opened our eyes to the reality of the trash – and plastic – problem we have going on along our shores (and that means everywhere else, too).

Sara does her clean-up along the coastline near the Santa Monica Pier and lifeguard tower 26 in Santa Monica, California. This ability she has to open the public’s eyes to the alarming amount of not only trash but PLASTIC in this trash made her a finalist in Oceana’s Ocean Heroes Award 2010.  Sara has collected 510 pounds of trash in 129 days so far.

No, that was not a typo.

We made a short video of our clean-up:

For the full scoop, head on over to Sara’s post on our joint effort for her clean-up’s totals, our detailed list of what we found and much more. It was SO alarming and SO interesting that we are going to do a lot more clean-ups, and a monthly clean-up with Sara, lake-to-ocean-style. Thank you, Sara, and we can’t wait for more!

Want to clean up with us? Want to do a long-distance co-clean-up with O4E and The Daily Ocean? Get in touch and let’s talk some trash!

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Happy World Oceans Day, part one: these bags are for the BIRDS!

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OK, so we’re a little squirrelly and excited today. Can you blame us?

Happy World Oceans Day!

We’re busy baking chocolate cakes with BLUE frosting, wearing blue and calling/emailing/tweeting friends around the world who love the ocean as much as we do – or soon will. :)

In our first of two WOD posts today, we’d like to announce a very special project cooked up by Little A, herself, along with a wonderful new ocean friend named Melissa.

We’d like to announce the Borsa Bella Oceans 4Ever Wristlet Collection, for Gulf Birds.

This project was tossed around last winter, when the ladies of O4E went on a bit of a buying spree in order to attain the absolute best and most attractive gadget bags for our shiny new Christmas electronics.

We came across Borsa Bella Designs, and after we had Melissa custom-make a few pieces for us, a light bulb went on and we asked her if she’d like to help us raise some money for oceans’ futures. She liked the idea.

But then the bulb dimmed again as we all got busy in the new year.

And then April 20th arrived.

As the impending doom was foretold and then started to unfold in front of the world, we squirmed, cried and paced, like all ocean lovers. Alexa was upset like a child and like a conservationist at the same time; it was tough for a mom to find the right words with which to frame this experience for her.

Then we got back in touch with Melissa. She felt just like we did, so we got to work.

Long story short - hundreds of fabric swatches later, after much back-and-forth about which bag style, what lining, what color, and tons of Alexa’s-fave-fabric-is-discontinued-oh-nos, what was originally one bag is now three, and you ladies (sorry guys, we make NO apologies!) now have that most-important ingredient of every facet of your feminine lives: a choice.

Proceeds from the sales of these bags will go directly to the International Bird Rescue Research Center for the ongoing and future efforts by this organization to support sea birds in the Gulf and around the world, as well as other wildlife that is affected by spills and other environmental concerns.

Gulf birds are obviously devastated and face catastrophic threats to their habitat and their ability to survive into future generations. BP is financially responsible for funding ALL of IBRRC’s current bird rescue, rehabilitation and clean-up efforts from this oil spill. But when clean-up done, the much-in-need birds are the ones who will be left holding the bag.

We hope you’ll hold one, too.

Watch for our dedicated page for this project; more details shortly on the bags, the birds, our wonderful partner, and the IBRRC’s efforts.

In the meantime, subscribe to the IBRRC blog and stay up-to-the-minute on their bird rescue and rehab efforts in the Gulf. While you’re at it, wish executive director Jay Holcomb a congrats for his 2010 Ocean Heroes Award, just announced today by Oceana

Now, let us know what YOU”RE doing to celebrate World Oceans Day!

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Short film “Once Upon a Tide” reminds us not to forget the Big Blue.

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We just had to post this video, which came our way via our friends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Notes blog. Watch the video, which is a gorgeous animation project about a world that neglects its biggest portion – the oceans – and you’ll understand why we’re posting it (right down to the brown hair – except that she’s been to the ocean).

For more on this wonderful video and its creator partnership, which includes Harvard University’s Center for Health and the Global Environment, visit Healthy Teachers can also access educational tools and web resources, including Once Upon a Tide worksheets, at the site.

What do you think of the video?

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