Freaky Fish Friday: Spots and horns and…nostrils?

Filed Under (Freaky Fish Friday) by Alexa & Cindy on 22-05-2009

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Hi, ocean lovers, it’s been awhile!

After an involuntary break from posting, we’re back, and celebrating the quintessential gateway-to-summer weekend by freaking you – and ourselves – out.

Meet the awesomely freaky Dragon Moray eel – aka enchelycore pardalis. This one is mugging for the camera of Hawaii diver Steve Frisbie, owner of Wanna Dive Kona.

Fairly rare in his Hawaiian neck of the ocean, the Dragon Moray is mainly found in the Indo-Pacific (Pacific and Indian Ocean regions).

This eel grows to about three feet long, and hunts for fish by night. And the horns? They’re nasal tubes, or really long nostrils. Next time you complain about the shape of your own nose, think twice before doing so!

Have a great weekend!


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