How it all Started for Mike deGruy: hooked by an octopus.

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Normally for How it all Started,  we interview our subject.

In this case, we decided there was nothing we could ask Mike deGruy, marine scientist and wildlife filmaker, about his life as a cephalopod-obsessed chronicler of ocean life, that isn’t clearly expressed below. :-)

We had to post  this video of a talk Mike gave on how one scientist became enraptured by Octopi at a very young age and grew up to live an ocean life- entertaining, educational, amazing – a true “How it all Started!”

Get comfy for a few minutes and immerse yourself in Mike’s passion for Octos – you can’t help but get caught up in his enthusiasm, and you will feel 10 times smarter about ocean life in general when you’re done. We promise.

You might also start “looking in your own back yard” for ways you can help oceans survive – and thrive – in the future.

Here’s the talk he gave in April, as part of Ted’s Mission Blue excursion, on how he became “Hooked by an Octopus:”

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