Name That Pup: Help the Florida Aquarium choose a name for its orphaned otter babe.

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rivrotterThe Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay has a new guest…actually, a patient. About a week ago, a three month-old river otter pup was brought in to the aquarium’s Center for Conservation injured and not eating well. Good news: he’s bouncing back already and doing very well, but now he needs a name!

Visit the Florida Aquarium’s homepage and cast your vote to name him now. We’re not even going to hint at the choices – go see for yourself! 

Hurry, voting closes Wednesday, March 11th.

More on this pup, otters and the aquarium’s efforts to protect them in an upcoming post. (Photo courtesy of the Florida Aquarium)

We’ll splash it on you soon!

Update 3/11: 9,000 votes for Brandon (after the town where he was found near Tampa Bay)! How about Squeaker for a middle name?

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